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This page is displayed by a perl CGI program using the perl CGI module. The program was designed to display the date and time, a number of environment variables (mostly from my server), and the parameters passed by the browser from a html page with a form that submits to this page. This makes it a useful test action when developing html form pages to verify the name and value pairs passed instead of performing whatever action the form is being developed for.

The program can handle either a GET or POST method. The GET method seems a little faster on my server and the amount of data allowed does not seem severly limited on my server. Some servers may limit a GET request to as little as 256 or 512 characters. I have not run up against the limit on my server yet.

Some access using this CGI interface is only allowed if the request is referred from a page on this site.

This paragraph was printed because the /Public/Scripts/TimeMark.cgi-pl script did not recognize any special cases that would allow more access through this CGI interface.

Thanks for visiting this page.